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Your pain is our business

Exercise therapy and manual therapy in one, already at the first consultation

Your pain is our business!

Manual therapy and exercise therapy in an exclusive environment, unique

Manual therapy and exercise therapy in one

Musculoskeletal pain can be relieved using manual therapy treatments and therapeutic exercises.
The specialized equipment of our clinic and the professional experience of our therapists allow us to treat musculoskeletal problems with wide spectrum manual therapy treatments and complex therapeutic exercises in an exclusive environment!

Manual therapy is a diagnostic and therapeutic method based on clinical reasoning. Our professionalism is to know and apply all manual therapy trends during treatments. Pain is the most common symptom that our patients come to us with, we sort out the symptoms to find the cause of pain, reduce it and create a treatment plan to eliminate it completely.

In order to heal, you need a therapeutic plan, which is individualized and patient-oriented! In exercise therapy the improvement is gradual, the goal beyond the painlessness is regular exercising that incorporates into everyday life and thus achieving a good condition! On the basis of the unique concept of the Motion Clinic is the Motion Pyramid®, we offer therapeutic programs for individual musculoskeletal diseases.


Exercise therapy and manual therapy in one, already at the first consultation

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RITA Szentiványi


  • Exercise Therapist
  • Manual Therapist
  • Professional Manager
  • Owner of the clinic
  • Instructor
  • Creator
  • Maximalist

Professional treatment, my love for the profession and my high level of experience are all guaranteed

In connection with the profession of physiotherapist and manual therapist, what could be achieved or tried with the love of the profession, humility and ambition so far, I have already done so — but I continue to train myself and follow the trends and even adjust them according to my potential. So I help my patients with the greatest efficiency day after day.

Throughout my career I have worked in the most renowned offices, and now I operate my own physiotherapist practice and employ my own therapists, who of course are personally trained and supervised by me during our work.

To date, I have become acquainted with all available methods of manual therapy. As soon as the MSc training became available, I immediately completed it and developed my own product — in fact, I wrote my thesis from it!

I am a supporter of enthusiastic commitment to innovations and medicine

I have worked both as an employee and in my own private practice, but I also gained a lot of valuable experience during my work at the hospital. In the hospital I developed the concept of heart transplantees’ therapy and published it in the form of a detailed study.

In both the physiotherapist and manual therapist profession, I put emphasis on the importance of communication. I have been actively blogging for more than 10 years, so that it becomes clear to the wider public what a physiotherapist is and what the role of a manual therapist is, and what problems we can handle properly at home, and what needs professional assistance.

In the Hungarian environment, I was one of the first to widely propagate the importance of mobilization and stretching in addition to stabilization. I continue to try to feel the trends well with my incessant interest in the profession. By the time Jaw Manual Therapy had become widely known, I had already completed almost all available domestic and international courses to provide my patients with the best possible treatment methods. Since 2020, I have been working with several major dental clinics in close cooperation with oral surgeons and periodontologists.

With my Motion Clinic we prove day by day in practice

Trying new things is one thing, but making them successful is a whole new challenge, which requires not only interest and talent, but real perseverance.

Although more people try to hire therapists, hiring and training them in the long term is a huge professional test. Although even the creation of a successful clinic is not an easy task, but the real art starts with the second office. I decided to develop when almost everyone else had already downgraded or closed down. During the COVID pandemic, I received continuous stream of patients with the Movement Clinic as a medical facility, and with my qualified team I was already working on the opening of the second clinic.

I have created a franchise system of the Movement Clinic, through which I teach my self-developed methods to my partners and therapists. My goal is to provide patients with the best possible treatment, be it joint complaints, posture problems or rehabilitation after a sports injury.

You’re in the best hands with us!

To this day, the therapists of the Movement Clinic are working under my close professional supervision, and again the only one of the first physiotherapist expert’s report introduced in the profession — which all our patients receive — can always be issued with my own approval. Thus a personalized and carefully supervised therapy is provided to all my patients.

Why choose Rita Szentiványi and her team if you are looking for a physiotherapist or manual therapist?

  • In addition to my 15 years of professional experience, I have been running my own practice for the same amount of time.
  • Therapists who have been employed under my supervision have been working in my practice for over 10 years.
  • I have developed my own professional concept and educational system, which I also operate on a daily basis in practice.
  • I personally developed the Motion Pyramid® therapeutic concept, which leads to complete recovery through 5 different levels.
  • In response to the therapeutic challenges, I developed the popular StrapTherapy and PhysioBarrel treatment methods.
  • I train myself all the time, and I try to use my acquired knowledge in practice and then pass it on to my team as efficiently as possible.
  • In Budapest, I operate 3 own clinics, so my therapies are available in Podmaniczky street, in Újbuda and in Pasarét as well.
  • As a professional manager of the Movement Clinic and owner of the franchise, I strive to provide the highest quality of physiotherapist and manual therapist treatments for all our patients.
  • I am an avid company executive and happy mom driven by empathy and love for medicine.

My professional experience

“I graduated from Semmelweis University as a physiotherapist in 2006. After that, I became a physiotherapist at the Gottsegen György National Institute of Cardiology. During my work at the institute I developed physiotherapy for heart transplantees and its protocol. In September 2010, I presented on the topic at the physiotherapist congress, and later I published it in an article.

In 2008, I participated in manual therapy training accredited by Semmelweis University and successfully passed the examination as a manual therapist. Later, I also worked as a physiotherapist and manual therapist at the David Spine Clinic. I combine my broad-spectrum manual therapy experience effectively in curing musculoskeletal disorders. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) manual therapy is also included in my profiles.

I received Master Degree at the University of Pécs in Physiotherapy in 2017. In addition, I conducted my scientific research on StrapTherapy at the University of Pécs. I am currently the leading professional physiotherapist at the Movement Clinic.”

What kind of perspective characterizes my work?

Throughout my career choices I was motivated by the science of healing and the love of movement. For me, the best professional result is the recovered patients, but scientific research and education are also part of my profession. My goal is the preventive medicine and to “treat” health, and that exercise therapy and manual therapy should finally be part of everyday health preservation. Based on my experience, it is much easier to prevent trouble than to cure the a developed pathology. I feel lucky because every therapy is a challenge for me.

I say, “No two patients are the same, and no two diseases are the same.”

I have a high level of expertise in spinal medicine and sports rehabilitation, based on which I developed the Motion Pyramid® treatment concept and the StrapTherapy motion program which focuses on mobility and stretching. Currently, together with my father, we are working on the development of a modern spinal therapy device called PhysioBarrel.

If you are looking for a truly reliable, professionally expert and empathetic physiotherapist or manual therapist, choose Rita Szentiványi and the enthusiastic team of the Movement Clinic!

What kind of problems can you contact us with?

Your pain is our business

  • in case of musculoskeletal pains
  • during musculoskeletal, surgical rehabilitation
  • low back pain due to lumbago
  • due to treatment of hernia of the intervertebral
  • treatment of spinal hernia
  • neck pain treatment
  • treatment of cervical intervertebral disc hernia
  • back pain, elimination of neglect posture
  • temporomandibular joint problems due to mandibular joint pain
  • during hip pain, knee
  • during the treatment of shoulder, wrist, hand pain
  • due to treatment of ankle sprain, Achilles injury, flat feet
  • following prosthetic surgery
  • rehabilitation after cruciate ligament, meniscus surgery
  • treatment of golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow
  • therapy of tunnel syndromes
  • treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries
  • Medical Fitness
  • maternity gymnastics
  • preventive spinal exercise

Steps of the Motion Pyramid® Treatment Concept:

Level up in recovery!

Our team

Physiotherapists working at our clinic are university-graduated professionals. They have a high level of expertise in spinal medicine and sports rehabilitation. They keep on developing their manual therapy experience through continuous training.